Hey Holly - what books should I read? Your outfits are so cute! How do you stay so organized and manage your time? 

I've compiled my favorites here! I receive a small paid incentive when you purchase in addition to any discounts you receive by shopping on my site! 




A Few of my Favorite Things

My favorite cute and comfy boutique, Mindy Mae's Market 

My Favorite Planner & Conversation Cards: The Best Self Journal (Enter Code HHTEACHER for 15% off your first order!)

My favorite workout (well, everywhere) attire! The Pineapple Clothing Company! The leggings are luxurious! Fun patterns with Mommy & Me sizing!! Use Code HOLTHO for 20% off!

Need coaching outside of health and fitness? These AMAZING women can help! 

Dawn Pensack and The Holistic Sisterhood Membership will help you relieve stress and feel amazing through EFT and meditation techniques. It is pure joy to be a part of!

Are you a teacher with a side hustle of your own? Monica Monfre and her Wellthy Women Community and courses can level up your social media presence. The two most impactful things for my business in 2020 were these two offerings: