Join the Fit Club

2020 has certainly been challenging!  My online community is working through all of this while keeping healthy habits a part of every single day. 

 We are strong. We are brave. We are committed. And we are better together.

We’re better with you, too. As always, my door is open to you and I would love to have you join us in lifting each other up. This isn’t just about a workout program or a shake. It’s about the connection we all need to stay accountable, inspired and ultimately reach our goals.

I focus on a morning routine to set up the day calmly and beautifully with movement, inspiration, vital nutrition, and that connection, but you are more than welcome to do the simple routine in whatever pocket of time works for you and your family. While the kids are sleeping, in between a Netflix binge, or while dinner is cooking. Anytime you can do this is the right time! 

Not sure if you can "make this work" with the hurdles standing in front of you? Too busy, too stressed, not enough time, haven't liked home workouts before, overwhelemed with too much, feeling like you can't be successful right now. I totally get it! These were my hurdles, too. Add how much I didn't want to spend the money, and I could have decided that these reasons were more important than my health. In fact, I did let those reasons rule for years and years. Until I didn't. Now, I guide you all the way through. I help you hop over those hurdles so this works in YOUR life the way you want it to!

The options to join are as follows (must be in the US, UK, Canada, or France to officially work with me - we are working to expand to other countries!)

Join with a $160 Enrollment Pack- Most popular for results! 
(Saves $200 from purchasing tools separately) 
  1. Access to hundreds of workout programs for 1 year.
  2. Both premium nutrition video courses and tools to support them
  3. One month of either my favorite pre/post-workout drink supplements OR the superfood nutrition shake that is used in the meal plans and recipes.
  4. Access to the Private Accountability Fit Club through the following month
  5. Access to the Nutrition membership Facebook page with the creators of the programs for up to date info and training!
  6. Daily motivation and routine
  7. Prize drawings
  8. Weekly meal plans
  9. Check ins through email.
Join with a $220 Enrollment Pack - Going All In!
  1. Includes everything in the $160 plan
  2. Access to hundreds of workout programs for 1 year.
  3. One month of each of my favorite pre/post-workout drink supplements
  4. One month of the superfood nutrition shake that is used in the meal plans and recipes.

Please click the button to give me your info and let's get you started with the plan to start your day in the best way possible! My coaching starts when you give me your goals in the form. It's up to us to decide if this is a good fit for you. Don't be afraid to reach out!! I can't wait!!

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