Who am I?

I am Holly Thompson and I am a school library media specialist in my day job and balance my free time with my husband and two adorable kids and coaching in the evenings, weekends, and during the summer.

I met my husband in college, St. Cloud State - Go Huskies! and we have been married since 2006. I went back to college for my Masters degree in Information Media so I could get my dream job as a media specialist. I get to read books to kids and teach them how to use technology for learning. I'm just starting to work in mindfulness and yoga into my storytime as well!! It’s the best day job ever!

We live in a close suburb of Minneapolis and I love to venture into the city as much as possible to see musicals, walk around the lakes, get brunch out with friends, or take my kids to museums and parks. You can usually find my husband and me at a brewery when we aren’t chilling at home with our kiddos, doing laundry (does it ever end?), and saving money on babysitting.

I needed to lose weight…

After my 2nd baby, I knew I needed to lose the weight I had gained plus probably a little more. I had been in Weight Watchers before and had been losing the same 16lbs over and over, but appreciated the community to surround me around food choices and weight loss. I loved my group Step class that admittedly I only made it to a few times per month because I felt guilty leaving my kids in daycare for yet another hour while I worked out. The last time I truly had been successful was when I bought a personal trainer for 6 months and we just couldn’t afford that major expense again. A long day of teaching would leave me tired and I would drive past the gym so I could go figure out dinner instead.

My fellow teacher, Cait, posted a photo on Facebook about her health and accountability groups and I trusted her. She was spunky and fun and I knew she would hold me accountable. So I said yes. The 21 day fix DVDs arrived in my door. I read all of the materials, I attempted my first meal prep and cried during my first workout. How had I let myself get so heavy and out of shape like this?

But by the end of the VERY FIRST WEEK I could feel a difference. I had more energy because of the food I was eating and more stamina from the workouts. I was astonished at how fast my energy was turning around. I completed my first few rounds of 21 day fix (mixed with a few other fun programs like CIZE and PIYO) and by the end of the summer, I had dropped from a size 14 to a size 10. My pre-baby size!! Then I just kept going. I now wear a size 4 and am blown away that my body wasn’t just “meant to be bigger” like I thought it always had.

Enter: Coaching

Then the opportunity came. To save money on the Shakeology I tried and loved. I was familiar with member discounts so it was a no brainer to sign up just for the discount. I filled out the form and enjoyed a couple of months of 25% off and planned to leave it at that.

Over the course of the next few months, people started naturally asking me what I was doing to lose weight. I was sharing all of the coolest parts in Facebook for my family and friends and they were intrigued. On a whim, I posted a message - “hey! If I lead one of these groups like I’m in, would anyone join it?” About 5 people said yes and I ran with it! I ran my first challenge group alongside my coach and invited my people to it. All of a sudden, I wasn’t getting the Shakeology just at a discount, in fact my coaching was actually giving me enough income to pay for it!

From then on, I started inviting more people to join my challenge groups with a challenge pack - which was essentially building my coaching business very part time alongside my teaching career. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what it would become, all I knew is that I absolutely loved it.

It was an opportunity for me to connect with other like-minded people, work on my own health and fitness and personal development, and it gave me more pep in my step everyday. It made me better at school at school at home, too because maybe when I thought I might give up because it was hard, I had this group of people counting on me so I pushed through and am even stronger inside and out.

I should mention that throughout all of this, I also had a major health scare. You’ve probably seen me talk about it on my social media and I can absolutely say that these health programs saved my life by helping me catch the problem before it did serious damage. The coaching helped me recover from major surgery with a positive mindset and an outlook on my health and perseverance I couldn’t even imagine without it. When I say that coaching has changed my life, it isn’t even sort of an understatement and that is why I am SO passionate about inviting others into this amazing circle.

Why Teachers?

Recently, I have really been digging into the work of Teacher burnout and overwhelm. As the librarian and a strong union representative, I have always felt a draw to advocate for my teachers in a confident and healing way. Coaching them through workload, everyday stress, classroom management strategies, and all of the emotions that come with teaching has naturally been a part of my role as a leader in the building.

I realized that my work coaching health and fitness and this work of leading wellness in my school was actually a perfect pair. My side hustle and full time job are beginning to merge into this beautiful space of helping teachers use their own health and growing physical strength to be more present, energetic, patient, and JOYFUL in their classrooms.

I was fortunate to attend 2 impactful events last summer. The first was a Beachbody Conference. 20,000 coaches gathered from around the world to learn, workout together, and enjoy the live community that we are usually online with. It was simply electric when we knew everyone in the room has the same mission for helping others lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

A week later, I volunteered for the NEA convention here in Minneapolis. about 6,000 teacher delegates flooded out city with a passion for teaching and advocating for teachers and students throughout the country. Their passion was equally as deep. But the Energy was different. There wasn't a lightness in the step. There was a general feeling of a weight on our shoulders that we knew we could left together, but it was going to be really hard.
What struck me was I wanted sooooo badly to bring the electricity of the Beachbody conference to the NEA convention! I wanted the teachers around me to hold a light inside of them that could more easily be shared. But the physical differences in the collective body was striking.

There are all ages, body types, and abilities at both conferences. But the one where people spent 30 minutes everyday working on their strength and nutrition was noticeably more happy and energetic. What if the teachers in my school - at that convention - could be physically in better condition to serve their students AND be confident to manage their own moods.

I am moved to mentor and motivate teachers all over the country to bring back the life in their steps. 1 workout and healthy meal at a time!