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YESSSSSSSS! I'm so glad you clicked here! It's cool to follow my life, but the magic happens when you invite me into yours!  Starting a program with me is one of the most solid investments you will make in your health and happiness and I can't wait to get you started!

These programs guide you with health, weight loss, and fitness first so your physical being is in the best shape to do the hard work of teaching and caring for others.  The plans are:

*clean eating focused
*at home workouts that you do on your time (20-60 minutes a day depending on the program you choose)
*flexible guidance and support of your own workouts, running, gym, hiking, or NO workouts!
*not a diet with the expectation that you give up your favorite foods
*learning to understand YOUR BODY/ how to fuel it
*beat sugar addiction
*provide you with family friendly tips + recipes
*using food to make us stronger, more mentally focused, and physically fit.
*of course, accountability, mini challenges, and a fun community

And this particular theme will be:

July Summer Surivial 2.0

*A morning routine
*Sticking with some summer fun
*All the feels of connection, affirmation, and pride! You will earn this!

This sounds exactly like what you need, right??   Simply Enroll with a Fitness or Nutrition Solution and your spot in the coaching community is reserved!

ALLLLLLL THE DETAILS for this AMAZEBALLS Program Coming at the endd of JULY is here!! Click on the LOGO for the Deets!!!  

Do YOU COMMIT to 100??????  I am!! I want to BE 100!!!!

That one's not for you? Then looky below for more options! 

My Fav Kickstarter Combo - a 3 month subscription and a tub of Energize. Let's do this!! 

Need just a little more info? I did, too! 
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How does this fitness work?

Need help with the mindset of food? 

Want a lot of flexibility plus portion control?

This all sounds great, but I need some help deciding what will work best for me? 

OH, I got you!! To get a personalized recommendation,  please fill out this information form!
I'll guide you through the options and help you pick your perfect fit.

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