November is all about NO EXCUSES!
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On the fence?

Seriously... we have busy and stressful and HARD lives right now. The world is so negative, school is harder than ever, we aren't used to being busy again, and if you are like me - you are using this situation as permission to hit the bakery every weekend!  Life is hard, fill it with fancy donuts, right??

But No... Then I feel terrible when I feel sluggish and horrible. I'm sick of not feeling good.

๐ŸWe workout at home to high quality videos and programs that get results! 
๐ŸThe videos go by so fast but aren't so hard you just stare at the screen with an eyebrow raised. 
๐ŸWe check into a positive group that shares daily information,  recipes, and ideas off of the social media rabbit hole. 
๐ŸWe follow real life nutrition plans that fit inside busy normal lives. 
๐Ÿ We track your workouts and focus on consistency.  Because five 10 minute workouts a week is better than one 50 minute workout a week. 
๐ŸRoughly, we follow the mindset of an athlete. Give your body the nutrition, recovery, rest and training it needs to perform for everyday life. 
๐ŸThe total solution pack gives you basic access for 12 months.  (Optional VIP programs and products are fun as we go,  but not required)

But this will get us in the groove BEFORE the holidays. We will already have our routine going before the new year. We can start now. Together. Because it's time.