Planning which stretchy waist pants to wear on Thursday? I'm still deciding between leggings and joggers.

Leggings will help me keep my food choices in check (don't worry, I'm still going to eat pie - just maybe 1 piece instead of 3). But joggers are better for napping after dinner.
But for real, the very best tip I have for making great healthy choices on Thanksgiving is to move your body in the morning before you get into the day.
If you've ever wanted to try one of my home workouts, this is a fun way to get it done with us at home! No equipment needed except an internet connection and a device that can run a google meet in the background and another browser tab.

We will open the room at 7 am. Join the Google meet with your sound off and camera on or off. I'll break in at 7:35 for a motivation card and a quick photo.

You can do your own workout,  or one of mine in another window or on another device. 

Link to the workouts here

Burn Before the Bird Virtual workout Thursday, Nov 25 • 7:00 – 8:00 AM Google Meet joining info Video call link:

It will be such a fun way to start the holiday!