So many ask if I ever have sales or if my favorite products and programs are ever discounted.

Usually… the answer is no. Our prices are already INSANE for a full fitness, nutrition and mindset program- PLUS access to my groups- BUT I wanted to do something just for my newsletter subscribers! I am running a flash sale - just for you!

Here’s how it works! 

πŸ”–The sale will open Thanksgiving evening.

πŸ”–For 3 days, I will send you my favorite bundles and products with extra gift cards with purchase!

πŸ”–To participate, fill out your order in the links in the emails. I will create a personalized cart for you based on your order and send it your way!
πŸ”–Incentives: spend $25, get a $5 gift card and be entered in a drawing.

πŸ”–The sale closes on Saturday - so make sure to get your order in!

πŸ”–Have a friend that might be interested? Forward them this link - the more the merrier!

Thank you so much for trusting me in your inbox- I know we all get a ton of emails each week. I love being able to chat with you, share some fun ideas with you and stay in touch!

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Questions about the sale? Feel free to hit reply and ask away- I’m always here to answer questions!