I removed something from my calendar this week. It was hard in the moment, but it was the best decision I could have made. 

I was listening to a podcast, as I seem to do endlessly during my days on my commutes, and for this one, I remember thinking. OOH This is amazing advice! I need to save this and share it with my people. Alas, I didn't write it down.

So I forgot which podcast it was, which guest was speaking, and which amazing blog I'm supposed to point you to. And this librarian also can not give credit to the source. 

But I can tell you the impact! 

The podcast guest mentioned that one of his most successful blog posts was about removing just one thing from your calendar if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and too busy. 

It feels like the most obvious advice ever. 

If I remove something, I will be less stressed. Obviously! But sometimes it doesn't feel that simple. 

Removing something means saying no to something you previously said yes to. It means letting someone down, backing out on a commitment, feeling total FOMO. Those are not fun feelings. 

I looked at my calendar for the weekend and thought of how I wanted to feel on Monday morning and at each event, and made a tough choice. 

I canceled my ice time and the daughter's skating lesson. 

I felt bad about it because it's a goal and commitment we both made to our coaches and ourselves, but I just had to think of our weekend as a whole.  Also, I LIKE skating on Saturday mornings with my girl and the added bonus of stopping at the local bakery on the way home for fresh scones!  

But canceling meant:

  • We could sleep an extra 2 hours
  • We would eliminate 1 outfit change that day
  • We didn't feel rushed to get home from a wedding on Friday night.
  • I wasn't scrambling looking for soccer gear in between skating and soccer lessons.
  • I didn't have to drag 2 kids out of bed (I only had to drag 1) 
  • I had more energy for the fun skating event we had on Saturday evening. 
  • I stopped dreading the rush of the weekend and looked forward to the fun events.  

When you look at all of the benefits, it definitely outweighs that initial hesitation of not wanting to cancel that event that seemed so important in the moment. 

It seems small,  but all of the best things always start small. 

What's worse is when we don't start at all. 

Is there just one thing on your calendar this week that you can cancel or eliminate? Maybe something that you enjoy but it just isn't a season to continue to commit to it? Or better yet,  ditch something you DON'T enjoy! 

Comment here! 

What can you get rid of and what will it mean for your wellbeing this week? 

What are some of your options that you are hesitating about canceling? 

I'd love to read your thoughts and ideas!