School has started and we are needing some fast dinner options! Everyone is telling us to meal prep, but it feels overwhelming and just not how we want to spend a Sunday afternoon. This month, check out my private Instagram Page for just one recipe per day.

I invite you to the “Freezer Prep Party”, a FREE 5 Day Challenge to prep meals that go straight from freezer to slow cooker with no heat in between.

I'll post a grocery list, daily recipes, and meal prep tips to get us started. My goal is to meal prep a week of meals together, so you can see how easy freezer prep is to do on your own! 

If you double the recipes, you can make one now and then put one in the freezer for a future busy night.

The group will be live starting September 17th and I want you to be there! Even if you can't be on when I am, the recipes will stay there for future reference.

Join us here!