I'm currently sitting on the North Shore of Lake Superior looking out my floor-to-ceiling windows at the enormous lake. It's a little chilly to be sitting outside this morning (53F) so I'm sitting by the sounds of my sweet son breathing softly on the pull-out couch. My kids were baffled at the idea of a bed being INSIDE a couch. We forget the things they simply haven't experienced yet and can't even imagine unless someone tells them. It was so funny to hear their questions and ideas of how this bed thing would actually work. At first, they thought they were both just sharing the couch and worried it wouldn't be enough room. And we never thought to correct them or explain. I mean, who doesn't know what a pull-out couch is? But when we finally pulled it out and they saw the transformation, they were literally squealing in awe and excitement.


There's a connection here about writing these notes to you and on my blog. Sometimes, I think the idea is so basic that I don't write about it. Why would you want to hear that idea AGAIN from me. Don't you already know? And then I remember that I am immersed in the health and wellness world, and you may not be. You might know ALL the things about gardening or decorating - and I know very little and would be SO grateful for your advice on the simplest things.

So here's my simple vacation mindset for you today. Last week, I gave you some actual tips and strategies about staying on track with your health goals for a vacation. But what I find is that so many of us is that we think “But I'm on vacation! I can just…" I want you to start transforming your thoughts into something that serves you better than you even know.

For example, last night, the family we are traveling with invited my kids to watch a movie in their room after s'mores. It was already 9:30 PM and I gave a hard “Nope.” My daughter was really sad and the other little girl said, "That's what vacation is for! To stay up late!" Yes, that could be true…

But my transformed thinking says “We can push bedtime a bit and enjoy the summer evening, but going to sleep now means we are happier and more energetic for the things that matter tomorrow like taking a hike or swimming.” I don't want my kids to not get enough sleep, disrupt their rhythms, and be cranky for the next day. I truly believe through experience that this way of thinking makes each day richer and more rewarding than my old ways of indulging on a whim.

The same with our food. “But we are on vacation! I can eat what I want!” Yes, yes we can. But if we keep energy and the rest of the day/trip in mind (mindful eating!). “I'm going to be really active today and I want to make sure I avoid the mid-morning sugar crash. What can I eat that will balance my blood sugar a bit so I can enjoy the entire day after this meal?” (hint: try a beautiful egg bowl instead of stuffed french toast…)

“I know that I tend to feel icky after eating a burger and fries, so I'm going to opt for this local seafood special with a side salad and maybe sneak a fry or two off of my kid's plate." and “We are going to spend a little extra for a condo with a kitchen because I can cook yummy, healthy food so we don't have to eat out every meal which saves money, time, and stress with our kids.”

“I love sleeping in on vacation, but I know I'll just feel really good if I hit the fitness center for 30 quick minutes before I start my day.” Our bodies actually love the routine of normal even on vacation!

“Sure, I'm going to enjoy my cocktails and local beer, but I'm also thinking of the week ahead and am going to grab a Crowler to bring home instead of drinking the 3rd pint and feeling sluggish and icky tomorrow.”

I like to think of ways that I AM healthy on vacation instead of “off my diet.” When I switched to this mindset, I started searching menus for really beautiful food, embracing the extra activities available, and feeling even more alive and energetic. A bonus is that I arrive home feeling actually refreshed instead of exhausted and inspired to bring in some of those practices into my life at home. Instead of wanting to “get back on track,” I started searching for beautiful food on my local menus, too. And enjoying that Crowler of beer on my own patio!

What are some of the vacation thoughts you have that are working for you and what do you want to change? I'd love to hear your ideas! Comment here or DM me on IG!