Did somebody say tacos?! 😍 We are SO excited about this free week because it is combining two of ourfavorite things: tacos + podcasts! Our May free group will be running The Week of May 17th.

We will be hosting a free virtual group, with daily recipes and a podcast each day! We will explore the episodes of the podcast and have an open talk about what we thought!

Sound like the perfect week?

Join here: www.instagram.com/hollythompson.free

Grab the PDF of Recipes here

Even if you are reading this later, the posts are STILL up for you to enjoy and comment on! Just scroll down for the May 2021 posts. (Hint - they are the first on this account so all the way at the bottom)

These groups are mean for fun little tips, tricks, and healthy in your IG feed. In order to see real weightloss, energy, and mindset results so you can be your BEST at home, in the classroom, or following your active life dreams - go to the Start a Program Page and get plugged into my Fit Club Program and Accountability Group. All the details are HERE!