Yoga Retreat and Relaxation Workshop

by Holly Thompson, September 12, 2020

Are you feeling stressed and already worrying about burning out before Thanksgiving Break? 

Is your jaw clenched, shoulders tight, and body sore from your day?

Do you wake up each morning with a sigh and wonder how you are going to muster the energy to do what you did the day before? 

Me too. 

Let's take a breath together and spend 3 solid weeks building a foundation of relaxation,  yoga, stretching, meditation and food that gives your body energy and bliss. 

This entire experience will be safely virtual and on your own schedule with bonus live sessions.  

We will be using a private app to check in, encourage our engaged community, and get the "assignments" for the days ahead. 

Prepare to light a candle or plug in your diffuser, roll out your yoga mat, play the calming music and move your body and mind to stress free moments. 

Feel that calm feeling stick with you far beyond the mat and into your life at work and home.  

I'm pulling together this retreat now and will share the details as I get them.  Are you interested in learning more? 

Fill out this form and stay tuned for the details.  Goal is to begin September 28.  We will welcome you at the mat.

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