My girl ran to her room crying. The boy had just dropped and broke the first plate he ever painted and it was the last straw to a bummer day. 😢

Our power was out until early afternoon which meant no “shows”, no reading light for reading in her cozy bed like she wanted to do, and no WiFi for video games in our home and we don’t pay for unlimited cell phone data. ⚡She went shopping with Marshall to find blow up inner tubes to go floating down Minnehaha Creek only to find nothing. We couldn’t open our garage to get out the bikes and everything was hopeless. 

It was time for a chat. I’ve read enough personal development for coaching that I KNOW that our thoughts are what dictate our emotions. 😘 This 8 year old has heard me say “you can choose” so many times, I knew it wasn’t going to work without more this time. 

I asked her what she was thinking about. I did NOT give ample wait time, so I answered her with the scenario above and pointed out all the things we couldn’t do today. 🙏

Then I asked the boy - the 4 year old who was his happy self why today was awesome. He said, ‘Drawing, playing a game, being lazy, and hugging my lions”

I said, “See. His day is the same! You both are in the same house with the same power out, but his thoughts on the happy parts just makes him happier.  😍 You can decide what your thoughts are and change if you are happy or sad today.” 

And I actually think she got it! Teachers, you know that feeling of heck yes! I pulled that out of my A** and it was the perfect teaching moment. 🤣

As she got up to make lunch for the two of them (PB and Nutella sandwiches) it was clear she felt a little lighter. 

I watched her and thought of you. 😁 Are you thinking of the positives for fall like you did in the spring? Are you thinking of how you are going to learn how to do even better online and with technology than you ever have, that this shows how grateful you are to have a job you love and just may never take it for granted again? There’s also a space here for real honest reflection and bravery - maybe you LIKED teaching distance learning better than in the classroom! 

Or are you thinking of how hard it’s all going to be and how worried you are? 😳

The ONLY difference between teachers who are dreading the school year right now and the ones who are excited are thoughts. ❤ None of us have a crystal ball to see what the school year will bring. But start following and paying attention to teachers who are posting optimism. Spend this next week thinking about the hopeful things you CAN control. Or shoot! Take a break from thinking about the school year at ALL. It’s still summer, y’all! ⛱

I challenge you. This week. ONLY respond to and share hopeful and positive posts. Ones that are looking forward to the challenge, that know that the fears are real, but they are CHOOSING happiness and light. ☀️ Watch how your heart changes too. I’ll drop a couple of my favorites in the comments. 

I also invite you share THIS post as your first assignment and keep following me for a daily source of joy. 👊