With my absolute passion for teacher health and wellness, I wanted to put together a list of resources that I have found among the entire teacher-self-care community to help you take care of YOU during this time of transition. I hope you will find these resources helpful, and I am here for you. Reach out for a chat anytime.

1. These ladies have thought of everything! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! This webinar recording is worth it - and it's totally cool to pause and watch in chunks. It is specifically for teachers, and I encourage you to follow each of these ladies on Instagram as well! Here's the link to sign up: From Crisis to Calm: A Success Plan for Balance, Workflow, and Collaboration While Teaching from Home During the Covid 19 Safety Precautions.

2. My very first podcast I ever listened to was Happier by Gretchen Rubin. Besides binging her podcast, seeing her live, and buying and obsessing over all of her books, I'm recommending these two articles from her website. 
3. Planning your day is so important especially now - and it's good for kids, too! Check out this free template from the Best Self Company - the producer of my favorite journal/dayplanner.  I've been using the Best Self Journal for years.  Enter Code HHTEACHER for 15% off your first order!

4. I know these are everywhere on my site, but my daily self care routine of working out, eating well, celebrating others, and filling my soul with personal development has been the single constant thing in all of this. You can grab the free workouts here. And if you want to invest in yourself and sign up for my private coaching along with a full program that delivers measurable and life-changing results, you can see the details of that at the "start a program" tab above. I'll be offering various discounts throughout this #stayhomeMN campaign that you will see on my IG and FB or if you request info. (At the time of writing this, it's $50 off through the end of March)  

5. We gotta look cute from the waist up, so I'm looking forward to rocking a different doublehood many days! There might be jammie pants on the bottom. hee hee You can look at my favorite online boutique, Mindy Mae's Market to pick one (or 3) 

We will get through this! And hopefully these tips will help ease us into our new routines at home. 

Our matching doublehoods and smoothies!