The Old Routine Elevates the New Routine

in , by Holly Thompson, August 31, 2019
As I sit here in my bed on a cloudy Saturday morning, my 3-year-old son is laying next to me and watching Cars 2 for the millionth time. He specifically wanted to be in here and he insisted I stayed in here with him.  He has a sippy cup of fresh milk and I'm sipping on my lemon-y pre-workout because I thought I was heading to the basement right away to do my scheduled core workout.  Every 30 seconds or so, he is talking in a baby voice and snuggling deeper into the blankets saying sweet variations of "Mommy, I love you. I'm your little nugget." or "Mommy, I love eyeballs." (I mean #heis3) Just when I think we are settled and I can actually write this, the 7-year-old daughter comes in with her pillow and a show change request. Now in the span of this paragraph, we are enjoying the math missions on Umizoomi. #momlife. They missed me. I am happy.

After a summer of spending just about every day together, this was the first week they were back in daycare while Marshall and I headed back to work for the fall. It's been another familiar transition we have done for the last 11 years, it is different every single year. I would say that this was my favorite summer so far. The first summer with no diapers felt so freeing! We really could just leave the house to go somewhere and skip a nap if necessary. Thankfully, though naps each day were also a priority. But now as we head back into the school routine, I'm really glad the rhythm of the morning also came back easily.

Everything at work is new for me.  New people, new building, new kids, new processes, new guidelines (though not nearly as many rules as my previous district for some reason). All of those NEW learning takes so much extra time and though.  Even the simplest tasks like sending an email or printing a document for the first time takes hours.  This is the case for every new job. We don't have any habits built yet.  No previous learning to draw from that makes the day run smoothly.  We crave routine even when we don't think we do.

There were SEVERAL times this last week that as I was completing my workout or another part of my morning routine, I actually had the conscious thought of how happy I am that I have this stable routine at home that can ground me for the day.  I'm not waking up frantic and I can complete 6 important self-care steps without really thinking about them. That felt comforting in ways I haven't felt before.  When everything else was chaos in my mind - this hour of the day was calm.  I never in a million years would have thought I would want to get up before my family and to be honest - I'm STILL NOT a morning person. However, my life right now just doesn't allow for burning the midnight oil and stumbling through my morning like I want to. It took some practice and discipline, but the way I feel as I enter my day is transformed. And I was more grateful for this as the rest of my life was new than I realized.

I'm also realizing that I CAN NOT wait for students to enter my NEW library next week. Even though the space is different and the kids are new - my routine for them is going to be mostly the same as what I have done for years. The clarity in which I see this is inspiring. I can't wait to share soon how it's going!

So as you enter your own classrooms on for the first time on Tuesday - or you have been there for weeks, I hope you have some comfort in parts of your routine.  If you need some tips for a morning routine, you can check out my Freebies! I'll be cheering for you!!

A Win the Week Guide that will give you a simple way to use a weekend to plan your week.

A Rise and Recharge ritual mini-course to really dig into why and how to create your own simple morning routine.

Tips for the Fair

in , by Holly Thompson, August 23, 2019

Hooray for the 🎡 MN State Fair! (Or any fair, carnival, zoo that has amazing treats you love!) We LOVE our food on a stick, and here are some tips to keep your body working at its best so you can have the most fun possible without feeling icky!

Meal Prep is Not a Monster!

in , by Holly Thompson, August 16, 2019
There is literally no reason to be afraid of meal prep. But we so are! We cringe at the idea of spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon prepping for the week - even when we know it makes the week go so much more smoothly! Truth - I hate it too. But you know what I hate more? That "Ugh what am I going to make for dinner tonight?" question in the car on the way home that prompts a trip to the store or restaurant when I really just want to go home. So here are my hacks for a planned week without the Sunday blues.

How to Download a Podcast

in , by Holly Thompson, August 12, 2019
I got these directions from!

It's from the Happier and Happier in Hollywood podcast group - the Onward project if you want a printed version - click here to download it!

But to just look:

If you have an iPhone or iPad: 

1. On your home screen, find the purple Apple Podcasts icon
2. Tap it to open the Apple Podcasts app
3. To find the podcast you want, tap the “Search” magnifying glass in the lower right corner
4. In the Search Bar, type in the show’s name
5. When the logo for the show appears, tap on it
6. You’ll go to the page for the show. Hit the “Subscribe” button
7. To start listening right away, tap on any episode

If you have an Android phone: 

1. On your home screen, find the Google Podcasts icon
2. Tap it to open the Google Podcasts app
3. To find the podcast you want, tap the “Search” magnifying glass in the upper left corner
4. In the Search Bar, type in the show’s name
5. When the logo for the show appears, tap on it
6. You’ll go to the page for the show. Hit the “Subscribe” button
7. To start listening right away, tap on any episode

If you have a smart speaker: 

On Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Tap: Say, “Alexa, play _____ podcast.”
On Google Home: Say, “O.K., Google, play ____ podcast.’”

The Burned in Teacher

in , by Holly Thompson, August 12, 2019
Woooooow! YES! This is sooooo good for all teachers to listen to! This definitely is a go-to when I am feeling like I'm tired or I need a recommendation for someone who is just burning out.


in , by Holly Thompson, August 12, 2019
This woman is a FORCE! I went to her conference in Minneapolis, too! She uses her platform to lift women up (MEN too if you listen to the RISE together podcast with her husband Dave!)

They also have a robust facebook show called Start Today that airs every morning for a little pick me up while you are getting ready for work! Ditch the negative news and jump on to this instead to be HAPPY and inspired before you begin your day!

Coffee + Crumbs

in , by Holly Thompson, August 12, 2019
Moms of littles - working or stay at home, this was my first podcast crush! The women offer a sane perspective and expectation on parenting in our current world of expectation and comparison.  I also love reading their blog when I'm struggling with anything in my house.  Instead of turning to a glass of wine, sparkling water and this podcast always make me feel better. I'm not a bath girl, but I know that would help, too!

The Transformed Teacher

in , by Holly Thompson, August 12, 2019
Meredith is just so real! I actually know her from Instagram and she interviewed ME for this podcast! Anytime I need to just keep it fun and real and feel KNOWN in the classroom - this is the listen on my way to or from work.

The Ed Mylett Show

in , by Holly Thompson, August 12, 2019

My go to for all over inspiration and MAX OUT!  Ed is so passionate about making sure we are healthy in mind, soul, and body.  He interviews the most inspiring people!! This is a #1 recommnedation!

Your Kick Ass Life

in , by Holly Thompson, August 12, 2019

I'm loving this podcast right now!  It's centered around life-coaching, but there is so much girl-power inspiration to apply to any area of your work or home life.  Best part about podcasts is that they are free! Try this one and you might love it!

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