This is my favorite planner/journal for my Rise and Recharge Ritual.

It's different than a "calendar" per se that we think of when remembering doctors appointments or play dates - for that, I use google calendar and share it with my husband so we know our commitments.

It's also different than a plain journal that I would always start and never finish more than a page or 2. I don't really like writing like that - but I love just the little bit of reflection this prompts!!

This is for day to day wrapping your head around your tasks for the day.  Sort of like a calendar, planner, journal, to-do list, and gratitude journal all in one.  There is space to set goals and plan ahead, look simply at where you are spending time, and writing down important reminders.

The process that they teach is really easy and the books are inexpensive, portable, and sturdy. I use this method and book daily and I encourage you to try it too!

I believe in it so much, that I applied to be an ambassador for them! So here's a special code to get a discount on your first book!

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Happy Journaling!