Swimsuits don't lie! They show every ripple, curve, bubble... all of it. And while we love this season of freedom from our work at school, for a lot of us it's not really a "break." Our own kids are home, too. In my case, the husband (also a teacher) is off and everyday for 2.5 months feels like the weekend.  I like to lounge at home with lazy mornings of cartoons (while I write and serve my bootcamp challengers) and coffee, and he likes to take adventures to the rec center pool every day. It's exhausting and I find myself craving the routine that "Monday morning" brings. But we are also finding a balance that feels a bit easier as our kids get older. This is the first summer without diapers so praise hands!

Now that we are about halfway through the summer, I thought I'd list some ideas for you to help survive the rest! If you are struggling to find a healthy balance or even just a sane one, maybe some of these that I share in my summer survival guide bootcamp this month will help you, too.

Healthy Vacation Hacks

If I continue to follow a healthy lifestyle while on vaca, I find myself able to have the energy and vitality to have more fun! Making health the priority doesn't need to take a lot of time, but it pays off in the fun factor so it's worth it!

The quick and dirty - stick to a routine - drink LOTS of water especially between alcohol and indulgent meals - get enough sleep - do a quick workout before the family gets up or in 10 minutes of downtime - and bring a probiotic! (Our systems are usually tossed out of whack and this will help keep you regular. I always make sure I have a Vanilla Shakeology packet and instant coffee handy to shake up for a nutritious mid-day coffee pick me up AND a dose of those good bacteria!)

Summer Patio Recipes

I love me a good Ceasar! Here's an amazing recipe to try! Add grilled chicken, steak, or shrimp for a perfect summer 2B Mindset dinner!


And need a tasty cocktail, too? If you love a Moscow Mule, try this! Pretty and fancy is my go-to! I even made a t-shirt that says "Always order Champagne."


My favorite Restaurant Tip

Eat extra veggies!

For years, I've been telling people to make good choices at restaurants... you know eat a lighter dinner if you want to drink allll the drinks, or skip the bun if you want the fries.  But lately, I've been trying a new theory of "crowd out and clean out"

Vegetables are good for us.  Our body wants them and they help move food through our body AND fill us with nutrition! It's a win-win for restaurants for sure!! So I order extra veggies and eat them first!

Obviously, a salad with a lighter dressing on the side is a good idea and a simple way to fill your belly before the fries come, but what about adding a side of roasted Brussels or steamed broccoli to the meal? I sometimes want the beer, bun, AND fries but when I add the veggies first, here's what happens:

I often find myself feeling full faster and don't need to finish the plate of fries. (WIN!)
I know that the veggies gave me nutrition the white starchy bun did not (Win!)
My body doesn't hate all of the grease because it's counteracted with roughage (WIN!)
I am full and satisfied and my body still feels good! (WIN!)

Now, this works best when you are only eating out about once a week :) More than that, and the calories will creep up too fast. But I don't want you to feel like you need to be deprived at a restaurant!

Love yourself first

I actually woke up this morning in a pretty bad mood. I didn't want to get out of bed and I certainly didn't want to workout or do some tasks I don't love. I'm feeling behind on my goals, and the negative spiral of thoughts prompted me to hit the snooze. 6 times. Now, this is a luxury in the summer, but during the school year, It would derail the whole day.

However, I KNEW that once I did get up and do my morning ritual, which includes finding things I'm grateful for, exercise that pushes me so I feel like a total BadAss (even when I half-ass!), and reading some personal development to remind me that self love is work, but it's worth it.

As you are looking in the mirror and the tape is looping through "I hate my belly" Try actually calling it out and doing something different.  This is what worked for me!

1. Finding something on my body I DID like and looking at that instead - for me it's my arms and hands.
2. Remembering that NO ONE looks at my body the way I do.  They just see me and my personality is what's first. (and hopefully my outfit! ;) )
3. Actually feeling like I'm making progress to change it. Just knowing that I ate well the day before or did a workout gives me hope that it will actually change.

Don't wish for it - work for it!


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