"You never rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems" - James Clear, Atomic Habits.

So let's either work on the systems BEFORE we find a program or choose a program we think we can create systems around.

When I break it down, the most universal principle that I conquered in achieving my weight loss results was consistency. This is also the thing that people tell me they struggle the most with - so I thought we would break this one down.

  • So you have a goal and you start looking for a program. 
  • You find one and you start it.  
  • You are all happy and excited and you go ALL IN ... for a few days. 
  • Then you have to go into school early (or stay late) for a meeting, or a friend calls and wants to get dinner, or you are just too tired to find a recipe to cook something healthy.  
  • Something gets in the way and you say - well, I can't today - I'll do it tomorrow. 
  • And then tomorrow comes and goes and you kind of forgot. 
  • And now you are "off the wagon."

Sound familiar? Well, how about instead of starting with the goal - we start with the system! And I don't mean which workout or meal plan to actually follow - I mean how do we RESTRUCTURE your day so interruptions are minimal and the focus on your health becomes a priority? This, my friends, is how you battle consistency!

Here are 5 quick tips that have worked for me!

1. Keep it simple!

We all know that we can look recipes up on Pinterest, and find workouts in magazines, but how much time do we spend LOOKING for those things instead of doing them! Good intentions don't get results. ACTIONS get results. This doesn't need to cost a lot of money, but if you are like me, sometimes a little financial investment in my time is worth it! (Other examples I enjoy, grocery delivery, and templates from Teachers pay Teachers) It also puts a little skin in the game.  When I use my dollar as a commitment, I don't want to waste it and I am more likely to actually follow through with my choice!

Some examples of programs that tell you what to do for a small investment, Weight Watchers, the Whole 30, Obviously my Beachbody programs, etc. Larger investments are private nutrition appointments and personal trainers.  But with all of these ideas, you simply show up and do what's next on the list. Pick something that gives you a workout calendar and meal plan and it will be less likely that you won't complete the task. Also, pick something that you can see yourself fitting into your day EVERYDAY! Don't pick the 2-hour workout commitment (including gym drive time) if you are already strapped for time!

2. Batch

This is one that seems so obvious, but a lot of people don't do it.  You know that whole "double batch of cookies" thing... yeah make a double batch of dinner so you have leftovers for lunch the next day! Cook once, eat 2 or 3 times.  Before putting your groceries away, cut up and store all of the produce! It saves so much time and you are more likely to eat it if it's ready! I like to even cut up my onions and peppers for a recipe later that week. You don't have to prep an extensive meal plan.  Sometimes that's really hard for people to wrap their heads around and for me, it's also hard to fit it in on a busy Sunday with my family.

My favorite is when I just use my old restaurant hack and make a whole pan of chicken to cut up and use in all kinds of meals that week or brown 3 lbs of ground turkey/beef to make spaghetti, sloppy joes, and a casserole in 1/2 the time on the busy weeknight.  You can also freeze the meat for another week!  This time-saving preparation also helps you know what you are having for dinner quickly so it helps you to avoid the trap of picking up dinner on the way home.  Seriously, time, money, and sanity-saving all in one swoop!

3. A little planning goes a LONG way

For real - schedule your new healthy habits in! And put it at a time that you won't get interrupted and no one but you can derail you. THIS is just one reason why I believe that morning is the way to go.  No one else is demanding my attention, no unexpected changes to the day that requires me to adjust (because we all know that skipping is so much easier!) And I'm not having "decision fatigue." The ONLY obstacle I need to conquer is getting out of bed on time to get it done! My workouts are under 30 minutes so instead of checking the news or scrolling my phone before jumping in the shower, I put on some shoes, the workout clothes I wore the day before, and I press play.  I do a few other life-changing simple things in the morning after that (Join my Rise and Recharge Ritual series to get the details!) and then I get on with the morning.  By the time I get to work, I have already accomplished the hardest part of my day.  I feel powerful and energetic.

But if mornings really aren't your thing, try to schedule a workout on the backside of another habit or routine you already have. This is called habit stacking.  So for example, you go straight to the gym from work EVERY DAY! Or maybe the husband puts the dishes away after dinner and you go for a run. I used to put dinner in the oven and workout during those 30 minutes. It CAN be done.  But plan for it, schedule it and don't back out on your appointment.  Also - don't stress about it for the other 24.5 hours of the day.  You got this! You NEVER regret doing the workout. EVER.

4. Focus on your self-care! Get enough sleep.

You know how we just KNOW when our students come to school and they didn't get enough sleep? They are wired or tired or cranky or spacey? WE are like that too, friends! We might be caffeinated because #coffeeislife but we are so much more likely to be focused on our goals of eating well and working out when we are rested.  This could be a whole separate blog post! Adding a workout and healthy meal plan doesn't mean getting less sleep! Waking up early in the morning doesn't mean cutting it from your sleep budget! I like to crawl into bed at 9-9:30 p.m. so when the 5 am alarm goes off, I know I'm ready (though it's hard to pull the covers off every day!) Sleep is actually written in one of the nutrition plans for a workout program I did last year. YES. It's that important.

OOh - Fun fact! "Sleeping in" on the weekends is like changing time zones.  Consistent schedules through the weekend make for a more seamless week.  it's not always possible with late-night events, but something to keep in mind!

5. Find a community that makes your new routine "normal"

Your mind will unconsciously automatically go to the task that is the least amount of work. EVERYTIME. This is NOT being lazy! It's being HUMAN! What differentiates those who do the workouts and eat well from the rest of the world is that these people made it a habit that they don't even think about anymore.  That happens over time.  It also is a LOT easier to stick with if you surround yourself with people who are following the same routine. Why? First, it's motivating! You see them do it, and you are more likely to do it yourself.  Second - it makes it NORMAL. For example, you go out to eat with these people, and it isn't even a question to have a salad. Of course, it's first on the menu! They don't make you feel weird for asking for light oil and also support the chocolate cake! They plan events around an early bedtime, and they cheer you on when the workout is hard. And my favorite is that they expect you to be doing these new habits, too so it makes it a lot harder to skip! And a lot more fun to string a streak together.

There you have it! My top 5 ways to crush consistency and see results faster!

You will find that if you focus ONLY on the consistency, the plan just kind of falls into place after a while! A lot of time is wasted in between starting and stopping.  When you string workouts and eating well for many days in a row, you also gain confidence!

Now, don't worry, a decadent hamburger or night out with dessert will NOT derail you.  Just don't make it 2 in a row!  One treat or missed workout is LIFE! 2+ and it becomes the NEW habit (yes that fast!) to the old ways.

I just know that if you follow these tips and put consistency as your number 1 goal, you will see the results you are looking for!  After you master this, where else can you be consistent in your life?

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