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in , by Holly Thompson, June 30, 2019

This workshop is based on my work over the last several years as a health and wellness coach and a teacher in a high needs school. I watched my overweight self get frustrated and tired with my own energy and health and that became evident in my library with my students. I struggled to manage the behavior in the large space and I became frustrated and knew I was getting burnt out. I yelled a lot, went home exhausted and just didn't understand why I was failing so hard. And I was kind of mad that no one could help. I was the one that needed to figure it out. But I couldn't and didn't do it on my own.

I dug deep into the practices of health, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, habits, and teacher burnout. It has made me SOOOOO passionate to help others feel as great as I do now!! There is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming, so I've taken the best and created my own ritual every morning. This ritual has actually CREATED time in my day for the most important things and I've been doing this most days now for years, I've finally laid out a 5 day workshop that guides you through the exact steps to RISE and RECHARGE your busy life.  

I've developed this course with the intention of helping YOU!!!
  • "I love life and my work, but also feels like I am drowning and not doing ANYTHING well or to my potential." 
  • "I know what I need to do to improve my health, wellness, productivity, attitude - i just need to actually do it."
  • "I just don't have the time during the school year to be consistent with anything. Frantic is a way of being, but I WANT to feel calm"
  • "I start strong, but my I stop being motivated before I see results." (weightloss, classroom management... any new thing!)
  • "How do YOU do it ALL, Holly?" (PS - I don't do it ALL , BUT but I do a LOT because of this!)
The workshop is a series of short videos that will be emailed to you over the course of 5 days and a 20 page workbook that will teach you the customizable ritual that starts my day. There is also an invitation to join the FREE Facebook community where others are doing this work -  as connection is actually a step in the ritual!  Most importantly, you will see how this ritual doesn't just keep you consistent on weightloss goals as originally intended, but it actually RECHARGES your soul to be happier, positive, more productive, and a better mom, wife, teacher , YOU to serve and live with love. 

This ritual is best done in the morning as the very first thing you do each day.  If mornings simply are un-doable, you have a newborn, or you work a rotating shift, you CAN do this ritual anytime of day! The goal is to make it work for you and be intentional about doing it. Each step has time saving hacks included to help!

If you could use a kickstart in order to practice this ritual NOW as we are enjoying the summer, sign up for the workshop! I'm just thrilled to help you RISE and RECHARGE!!

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