Let's Get Up: New Program Alert

by Holly Thompson, March 30, 2021

Yaaaay! I am SO excited you are interested in Let’s Get Up and joining me for this JOYFUL program! I feel like this program has been created for teachers running through the finish line of the school year! I can just imagine us practicing our post-able moves and giggling. This one is supposed to be FUN!

in , by Holly Thompson, February 19, 2021

This will change your lunch takeout life!

So we still don't have students in the building on Fridays, which means like usual we fill it up with meetings. So today, I knew I wanted to bust out for take out and needed to get in some quality veggies.

I've been super lazy with my meal planning lately and "veggies most" goal is suffering.

So today I knew I wanted a Pick 2 from Panera because I love their ingredients and I had a 20% off reward because I just might go there a lot.

But I recently realized that in the "customize" section of the app - you can add kinds of free things! I often use it to add almond milk to my coffee - but today I used it to ADD

  • Spinach
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Mixed Greens
  • Cucumbers

to my 1/2 BBQ salad. It was so bulky and amazing! And NO extra charge!

So next time you are thinking you want to stop by for takeout, use the Panera app to order something extra yummy and good for you instead of the traditional drive thru.

Customizing this was just so easy! I usually pair this with French Onion Soup and a hunk of bread. Today it was so amazing!

Good take out doesn't have to derail your nutrition. Remember our body is literally made of what we feed it. And today mine is full of extra veggies!

What restaurant hacks do you want me to post next?


Get Some SNACKS for the Game!

by Holly Thompson, February 03, 2021

I know you want to eat all of these things and feel amazing the next day, too! 

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