Healthy Tricks and Tasty Treats

by Holly Thompson, October 14, 2020

Oh this time of year I want allll the fall and holiday treats.

So I want to share this free guide to keep you on track for the fall Halloween candy and treat season, too! Enter your email to have it saved in your inbox for when the craving strikes. 🎃👻

30 Day Zero-5K Fall Running Club

by Holly Thompson, October 05, 2020

So happy you are interested in my running club! I'm still working out the details so sign up here to stay in the loop as we get moving! 

In Between Lazy and Perfection

by Holly Thompson, October 04, 2020

I felt lazy when I “just” showed the Cosmic Kids Yoga Video on the screen this week in my classes. Traditionally I take the kids outside, read a story, and then do a yoga session with them that matches the theme. I bring my iPad so it's guided by the video, but since the kids can't see the screen, I do the yoga with them and they watch me but listen to the audio. 

I am almost certified to do these on my own. I have taken a full course and just have to submit a performance session with students to the instructor. Until then. I use the video to guide us. The kids love it! (So do I) 

This last week it was too cold and wet to go outside, so we did them in the classroom. The kids could see the video well so I didn't need to do the whole video to guide them. I stood in the back and watched - doing some of the moves so they knew they weren't alone. I felt incredibly guilty. All they were doing was watching and participating with a video. I was not teaching. 

But did it matter? 

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